Filing an Affidavit

Law Firm Users can file affidavits to an existing case.  Filing an Affidavit follows the 4-step process of the eLitigation system.



To file an affidavit:

  1. Go to the Step 1: Case Information Page.  Refer to Other Types of Filing for the different modes of entry for this request.


  1. Enter the Case No. in the field provided and click Retrieve Data. The Document Details section will be displayed.


Step 1: Case Information Page - Filing an Affidavit


  1. Select the Document Title from the list.



Combining different types of request is not allowed. In instances where the user needs to make multiple requests, a separate submission can be filed for the same case file.



The user can click the Search Document(s) link to assist him/her with searching through the particular type of request document to be filed.  Refer to the Search Document section for more details.


Upon selection of the document title, the List of Parties section will be displayed.


List of Parties Section


  1. Specify the Filing Party by marking the checkbox.



Click Add Non-Party Manually to add another party. Refer to Add Party Manually for the steps.


To delete a party from the list, mark the corresponding checkbox and then click Delete.


  1. Click Next. The user will be directed to the Step 2: Form Page.


Step 2: Form Page


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