Probate Case - Step 1: Case Information

The Step 1: Case Information Page allows the user to enter all of the pertinent information about the case.


To commence a new Probate Application/Citation case:

  1. Go to the Step 1: Case Information Page.

(Quick Access >> Commence a New Case)


  1. Indicate whether the user is re-filing a document that has been previously rejected by the Court.  Select NO as this is a new case file.



If Yes is selected, the system will display a list of rejected documents pertaining to the case file.  The user must select a rejected document from the list to continue.


  1. Select Probate Application/Citation from the Case Type dropdown list.  After selection, the rest of the sections of the page will be displayed.


Step 1: Case Information Page - Probate Application/Citation


  1. In the Case Overview section, specify which Court the case will be heard in.  Mark if it is the High Court or the District Court.


  1. Enter the File Reference No. if available.  The reference number entered will be the same number used by Law Firms in subsequent case filing.



The File Reference Number is an optional field and can be left blank.



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