About eLitigation

The Integrated Electronic Litigation System (eLitigation) is the next step forward in the increasingly sophisticated use of technology in the Courts.

In 2000, the Electronic Filing System (EFS) revolutionised the conduct of civil litigation by enabling court documents to be prepared and filed electronically.

Since then, users of the system have become more tech-savvy and at the same time technology has advanced with more user friendly features.

Recognising the importance of keeping the system relevant and flexible to meet the ongoing demands, the Judiciary has taken the next step to harness modern technologies and extend the capabilities of EFS with the implementation of the eLitigation.

eLitigation leverages on content management systems and e-form technology to offer law firms; and court users a single access point for commencement and active management of case files throughout the litigation process. The system also provides functionalities and related services that streamline the litigation process, thereby helping to improve efficiency and enhance access to justice.

Filing of court documents via eLitigation in the State Courts and Supreme Court will be implemented in stages commencing from 2 January 2013.

To start filing for Supreme Court cases, subscribers can click on www.elitigation.sg and log in using your SingPass / CorpPass.


  • Easy to use web-based service
  • No need for smart cards or card readers as access will be via SingPass / CorpPass. The SingPass / CorpPass access mode enables secure and customisable access to eLitigation
  • Filing can be completed online or saved for submission at a later time
  • Party details and case numbers will only have to be entered once for the same matter
  • Use of dynamic electronic court forms in place of PDF for many of the court documents
  • Full access to all documents in a case for as long as the case remains active
  • Proactive management of case files through e-mail, SMS and reminder alerts
  • Greater flexibility in the selection of hearing dates through a Calendaring and Hearing Management Module