File and Serve Documents via Service Bureaux

Filing court documents at the Service Bureaux comprise two key stages:

(a) Stage I - Submission of documents
(b) Stage II - Collection of replies from the Court

Stage I - Submission of Court Documents

Stage II - Collection of Replies from the Court

Prepare two copies of the Requisition Form for each set of Filing Templates to be submitted.

Check the status of documents filed by simply entering the Service Bureaux Acknowledgment Slip Number in the eLitigation homepage ( under the "Service Bureau" section.
For each document or case to be filed, prepare one set of the relevant Paper Filing Templates. Download the Service Bureaux's Paper Filing Templates, Requisition Form and Reference Table from "Forms & Templates" under Service Bureau Section.

Once court reply is ready, bring the Requisition Form and the Acknowledgement Slip to the Service Bureaux's counters.

Prepare one set of court documents (if required).

Collect and check the reply from the Court.
Prepare a Letter of Authorisation (if required). Sign the Acknowledgement for Collection.
Get instant updates on the status of the documents filed by registering for SMS alerts and e-mail notifications.  
Upon payment, a copy of the Requisition Form together with an Acknowledgement Slip will be provided as proof of submission to the Service Bureaux.  

Important Notes:
  • The above items listed are related to the filing of documents for the same case. For multiple case filings, the item listed above must be provided separately for each case file.
  • The operating hours for the electronic filing of court documents are:
    Mondays to Fridays                             : 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
    Saturdays                                              : 8:30 am to 12:30 pm
    Sundays and Public Holidays             : Closed
  • Payment Modes

    Payment for services rendered should be made in cash, Nets, cash card, cheque or Cashier's Order - payable to CrimsonLogic Pte Ltd.
    Only company cheques issued by the filing companies/law firms are accepted.  Personal cheques will not be accepted.
    For litigants-in-person, cash, Nets, cash card or Cashier's Order are accepted.

All documents will be processed and transmitted to the Court by 2359 hours on the same day, provided that the documents were submitted to the Service Bureaux before 1700 hours on weekdays or before 1230 hours on Saturdays (only applicable to fully completed filing). 

In the event that documents are submitted after the stipulated filing time, they will be treated as documents submitted to the Service Bureaux on the following working day.