Value Added Services for eLitigation


The Electronic Service of Documents (e-serve) allows non-subscribing law firms or litigants-in-person to serve court documents on other registered law firms (subscribers) electronically via the eLitigation system. Documents which are accepted for filing and e-served are deemed to be in compliance with Order 63A of the Rules of Court. A certificate of service will be automatically generated by the system.


Get instant updates on the status of the documents filed by registering for SMS alerts and e-mail notifications when submitting documents at the Service Bureaux.

An online status checking utility is also available for documents filed. Please go to and enter the 'Service Bureaux Acknowledgement Slip Number' provided by the Service Bureaux.

Alternatively, you may inquire about the application status by emailing or faxing to the respective Service Bureaux.


Inspection of case files can only be conducted at the Service Bureaux's premises upon the launch of eLitigation. However, the Family Court's case files will continue to be conducted only at the Family Court's counters.

A copy of the Court's approval for file inspection should be presented at the Service Bureaux for verification prior to inspection. Only the inspecting party stated in the approval reply will be authorised to inspect the file. The inspecting party will be assigned to a workstation to carry out the inspection. The inspecting party will be allowed up to one hour to carry out the inspection. Any request for extension of time to inspect will incur a surcharge for every 30 min time-block.

The validity period for file inspection must be carried out within 14 days upon the Court's approval of the request, and within 72 hours from the start of inspection.

The Applicant may continue to inspect within the validity period, provided that the inspecting workstation is available or unreserved, otherwise, the Applicant will be asked to inspect at a later time or date.

Applicants with approval to inspect case files may also request to download or print the case files for inspection at his/her convenience.


An appointment date should be arranged with the Service Bureaux to avoid long waiting time for file inspection at the counters.